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Lieberman Values Family (at $80,000 each per year)
I may not be tops in the polls right now, but that doesn't mean I'm not proud of my campaign staff. Proud enough to be paying two of my kids eighty grand each to make phone calls and host fundraisers. click here

Adopt a Jew for Jesus!
Many of you know about my long association with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a group endorsed by such upstanding citizens as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Recently, I asked them to erase my endorsement from their infomercial, but I saved a copy for you, my faithful supporters. Click here for more info and to see the video.

Invading Iraq: I told you it was a good idea!
If we'd only followed my plan and invaded Iraq back in 1998, we could have started watching our kids get picked off by snipers years ago. click here

Time for another shopping spree with G.I. Joseph
Now that we've used up all those neat toys, I mean, weapons, in Iraq, lets go buy more! click here
Its not the grenades, its the mutant ninja turtles
Where are those kids learning about violence? Certainly couldn't be on CNN, where they don't show the casualties. Must be from those nasty video games! click here
Testing, schmesting, just cross your fingers
How do we handle North Korea? Easy! build a magic shield! click here
An economy everyone can love
Are you rich? Wealthy? Poor, but own stock options? Then I'm your man! Together we can solve this economic mess and talk about big business as if it were a mom and pop corner store! click here
Stop age discrimination
Have you noticed the spike in violent crime? Must be because we're not killing enough kids! click here
Build your own missile shield!
With just a balloon, some tape, a straw and some string, you can get results as good as defense contractors get! Click here to learn how!

Make a Democratic Dollar Donkey!
Got a dollar? Click here to get directions to turn it into my favorite mascot!

Bet It All!
Who can we trust with our Social Security fund? Who'll keep it safe for our golden years? Why, stockbrokers, of course!
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